Project Engineer

  • Schedule the project in logical steps and budget time required to meet deadlines.
  • Implement all documents into our computer system.
  • Inspect and review projects to monitor compliance with building and safety codes, and other regulations.
  • Interpret and explain plans and contract terms to administrative staff, workers, and clients, representing the owner or developer.
  • Prepare contracts, changes and additions to contractual agreements with architects, consultants, clients, suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Track all necessary permits and licenses.
  • Study job specifications to determine appropriate construction methods.
  • Prepare and submit budget estimates and progress and cost tracking reports.
  • Oversee quality control programs.
  • Site visits for weekly meetings and take minutes
  • Work on obtaining bids for projects, contacting subcontractors for said bids
  • Plan, organize, and direct activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of structures, facilities, and systems.

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Construction Management Internship

Full-time/part-time Intern

Reports to: Project Manager

Position Summary: Jirsa’s Internship Program provides relevant work experience for exceptional students in the construction field of study while offering the potential of a full-time career following graduation. Our internships are competitive, full-time and/or part-time, temporary positions through the spring, summer and fall months. Part-time opportunities may also be available throughout the year. Prospective individuals must be enrolled at an accredited institution.

Jirsa Construction is looking for detail-oriented, self-motivated individual(s) interested in furthering their construction management expertise while working with our Project Managers. In our positive workspace, individuals can be expected to learn from a variety of construction environments and personnel. Collaborative planning, excellent communication, and critical-thinking are imperative for successful completion of the Internship.

As a team member for the construction project team, responsibilities will include allocating project resources, maintaining subcontract agreements, and executing contractual risk protections while creating a positive safety climate.

As a member of our operations group, the Intern will have opportunities to provide project leadership during both planning and construction phases.

leverage technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness, participate in a broad range of project planning and coordination duties, and grow with the company. The role will offer opportunities to bring value by learning from project team members and sharing expertise with the project team.


  • Time-Management: Must demonstrate the ability to plan and prioritize workplace responsibilities with team members. Must be punctual, and readily available during work hours.
  • Relationships: Ability to earn respect through the credibility of construction knowledge and positive approach to problem solving. Ability to develop productive relationships within the project team, with contractors, and with design teams and clients.
  • Communication: Strong communication skills, including excellent ability to identify and understand requirements of the project team and to participate in collaborative problem solving. Ability to write proposals, monthly reports, and other related project documentation.
  • Detail Orientation: Ability to successfully ensure the accuracy of project documentation. Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Professionalism: Ability to maintain a positive attitude and professional demeanor and appearance at all times and perform well under project constraints and deadlines.
  • Computer Skills: Strong computer skills with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint) working knowledge of project management software. Willingness to test and implement new technologies as they become available.
  • Math Skills: Solid numerical and analytical skills and ability to apply these skills to achieve accurate project budgeting and basic estimating for project scope changes.
  • Will perform additional assignments per the Assistant Project Leader’s direction.


  • 2 years in Construction Management
  • Successful completion of classes or other training or experience in construction management, project management, safety, communication, and ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding.
  • Possess an understanding of zoning and permitting issues for the localities where Company does business.
  • Ability to conceptualize the “big picture” from design/drawings, specifications, submittals, and other construction documents.
  • Ability to command respect from customers and subcontractors.
  • Ability to problem-solve in a fast-paced environment.
  • Demonstrate an unusually high level of enthusiasm and commitment to the construction industry

Standards of Performance:

  • Adherence to the employment
  • Quality performance of duties listed in the job
  • Adherence to corporate policies.
  • Report to work on time.
  • Respectful interaction with other employees, owners, consultants, subcontractors and the general

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Superintendent/Field Internship

The primary goals for interns are to gain an understanding of the construction process and to assist Superintendents in field and materials management. The internship program provides the intern and Jirsa with an extended opportunity to evaluate if the fit is right for a long and successful career with Jirsa Construction after graduation.

Position Requirements
Essential job functions include:

  • Subcontractor Management
  • Submittal review skills
  • RFI development
  • Layout / surveying
  • Daily reports
  • Quality control and support of our safety plan

Preferred qualifications:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Computer software - Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, etc)
  • Candidates are preferred to be pursuing a 4 year degree in Civil, Structural, Architecture or Construction Management

Send Resume to info@jirsaconstruction.com