About Us

In 1987, Ronald and Lilian Jirsa started Jirsa Construction. Together, the founders hoped to create a honest family business that would last for generations. They did exactly that.

When Jennifer Jirsa became president in 2017, she expanded the business to include exclusive services and government contracts. Still thriving after more than 30 years in business, Jirsa Construction has touched the lives of many living in the Chicago area. Thousands of tourists have stood on the famous Lakeshore Drive to enjoy views of the lake where the Chicago Yacht Club stands—a Jirsa project. From Starbucks to H&M to Living Fresh grocery stores, Jirsa Construction has played a part in building the city of Chicago.


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Our Team

Jennifer Jirsa
Jennifer Jirsa
Office: 847.836.1321

Community Involvement

Giving Back

Jirsa Construction routinely sponsors little league sports teams and donates to charitable foundations such as the Boys and Girls Club of America and local children's shelters. Jirsa also proudly launched a successful ALS fundraiser.